Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm transferred!

I just learned that I'm going to Johor Bahru, the City in Malaysia just north of Singapore.  I'll be moving this Thursday, and I'll be companions with Elder Loke, a big Malaysian native.  I'm really excited for this move, and I can give you more details in a little while.  I have to email president now.

(That was all. We imagine that his timed internet use cut him while he was writing his letter to us.  Here is a map showing Johor Bahru just across the Johor Strait from Singapore, and following are photos of other features of the city.)
Causeway between Woodlands, Singapore, and Johur Bahru, Malaysia,%20Malaysia.jpg
night view of Johor Bahru (from Singapore)
Sultan Ibrahim building - Johor government offices
Johor Bahru mosque

Johor Bahru
Brennan will have to tell us what this building is

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