Monday, February 24, 2014

This week's news

Dear Family,
Transfer news came in yesterday.  Elders Loke and Wadsworth are transferred to East Malaysia. I'm staying in Johor Bahru with Elder Fabiano!  This is going to be a great chance to become his best friend and to keep serving with Stan, President Schollenberger, and the rest of the branch!  Also, we're moving over to the other tower of apartments, into a fancy one on the 5th floor.  I know it's not a penthouse, but it's going to be such an improvement over the one we've been living in!

I'm glad you got to spend some time with cousins!  I don't know how you fit the time in, between science fair prep, band, baptisms, lacrosse, wrestling, composing, and meditating.  I actually just began reading chapter 4 [of Preach My Gospel] today for my personal study.  I have been asking questions about prayers lately, too.  I wasn't exactly sure how to ask questions about my questions to Heavenly Father, but I've just been letting Him know how I feel, and asking for the ability to recognize and cheerfully follow the promptings I receive.
Thanks for telling me about others serving missions now.  I'm really glad to hear about the news from Sister Fronk, Sister Moon, and Mina.  I can keep them in my prayers.  When I hear about the things they're experiencing, I consider myself pretty fortunate.  I know that the Lord is always watching over me and that President and Sister Mains are really taking good care of the missionaries here.
Thanks also for reporting to me on your morning scripture reading, Mom.  I'm glad you find a peaceful time to read.  I know how nice it is to get up early and read - it really does bring a lot of strength into your day by inviting the guidance of the Holy Ghost right from the beginning.
I'm really sad I don't have any more time to write - Transfers are always hard on email time.  I hope I will be more prepared next week to tell you more things.
One other piece of news - I finally need to buy a bicycle, so I'll be taking 550 ringgit out of my personal funds today.  For the quality and newness of the bicycle I'm getting (Elder Wadsworth's, which is only 6 weeks old, well maintained, and ridden only a handful of times) I'm really happy for that price!

This message was pretty scattered, but know that I still love you and think of you all very often.  Thanks for all the help and support you give me, even the kinds that I will never know about and can't see as emails or letters!

Nasi Lemak!  Finally, there are pictures!  

I'm eating the one that's still wrapped in the newspaper.  I couldn't wait long enough to open it!  ( just kidding, it tastes so much better when you don't eat the newspaper wrapping with it.)

The icon of JB - "the car"
It sits just down the street from the church, so we pass it often.  I finally got a picture with it.

Oh, you may choose if you want the pot in there or not.  Elder Fabiano threw it to me just as Elder Wadsworth was about to take the picture.  One pic with, one without.

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