Monday, April 7, 2014

Transfer News

Hi Everybody!
Well, I'm excited, and simultaneously heartbroken, to announce that I'll be leaving Johor Bahru this week to travel to Sibu, East Malaysia!  I'm super sad, because I was beginning to love JB.  I feel like the members were finally warming up to me, I finally have more than one investigator, English class was taking off, we're about to set up family history booths, I'm really going to miss laughing with Elder and Sister Schollenberger, and I LOVE  my district members so much!

It's funny that in spite of all that, I still had so many trials, many hard times, and a lot of confusion and uncertainty about how to continue on here.  I felt so lost and confused and helpless earlier this week, then Zone Conference came around, and something just seemed to click into place while we were in Singapore for two days.  I came back to a somehow changed perspective of this area, with new confidence and new love for the place, the people, and the missionaries here.  Somehow, all those negative things and feelings I was weighed down with earlier this week just seemed to not matter in the last couple of days.  I have never felt so fresh and ready to work in all my mission.  I hope I don't lose this new drive as I undergo a radical change of environment.  

I'm sure you'll hear of my adventures in Borneo next week!  Until then, I'll be meeting with as many people as I can fit into the evenings, to say my goodbyes.  I'm truly going to miss Rosie, Stan, and all the other people with whom I've shared memorable spiritual experiences!

I love you all, and I thank you for sharing your experiences at home with me through email!  I'm excited to read and listen to your mail - it is always such a great source of support, strength, and encouragement!


Pictures here are of a blossom-strewed sidewalk in one of the suburbs of Johor.  I had fun experimenting with the sepia setting.

the View from our apartment here in JB

 and Elder Fabiano eating his birthday cake after Elder McCarthy decked it out with New Zealand chocolate

Also, this is how I incorporated your FHE figures into the plan of Salvation I created.  Thanks!

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