Monday, September 1, 2014

Miracle Week

Dear Family,
I've seen miracles this week!  We hit the standard of excellence of two new investigators per week for the first time ever!  Our goal was actually zero, because we didn't think we'd actually have a meeting with anyone who wanted to learn about the Church, but as Elder South and I prayed together frequently throughout the week and opened our mouth wherever we went, ... we still didn't meet anyone who would accept our message.  However, the other Elders in our district all met someone who wanted to learn in Chinese, whom they referred to us.  The Malay Elders took us to meet two families full of potential to become solid investigators, and we've got return appointments for this week!  In both lessons, we were able to bear testimony about the reality of the restoration, as well as provide these people with a way to begin to develop a relationship with God.  They both just went so well, I hardly know what to say!
I believe that because Elder South and I have been studying teaching skills and how to begin teaching, out of Preach My Gospel, the Lord gave us the opportunities we'd been praying for to apply what we'd learned with prepared people.  We had to be prepared, ourselves, before we met other people who were prepared for our message.  This made me think, If someone was prepared for the message of the restoration of the gospel, and they met me at a street cafe, but I hadn't prepared myself, they might not recognize meeting me as what they'd been looking for.  I realized the need to let the Lord prepare my heart and mind, just as he will prepare other people to accept the gospel.
Another miracle this week is that even though yesterday was a national holiday, (Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!!) we still had a new record attendance at sacrament meeting, because several less-actives attended our afternoon service.  This gave us such a great opportunity to associate with those who are otherwise very hard to make contact with, as well as a time that they could feel the Spirit.  We'll be meeting with at least one of these members this week, so I'll probably fill you in on how it went next Monday/Sunday.
A final miracle is the ongoing change that is so evident in Wendy's life.  Her whole appearance has changed since the first day we met, and even though she still likes to play around and make jokes with us when we talk with her, she seems to have grown up so much, in some way that I can't quite describe.  The way that she has kept all the commitments we've extended to her, and the way she bore her testimony to us is a witness to me that she is so ready to make the covenant to follow Jesus Christ by being baptized.  Once this week, we went to meet her at a member's home, not knowing exactly what would be best for us to do with her.  We arrived to find the house terrorized by noisy children.  I was about to open my mouth to try to calm things down (does it ever actually work that way?) when Elder South, obviously remembering D&C 42:14, asked "Do we have the Spirit right now?"
I said, "I think Wendy does, more than we do."
Elder South said, "Let's say a prayer, Elder."
After we'd prayed to be guided to know what to do and to invite the Holy Ghost into the lesson, Elder South said to Wendy, "You can be the teacher tonight!"
Wendy didn't know what to teach about, so she talked a little bit about prayer.  "Coincidentally," that was what I had considered teaching that night.  Earlier in the day, I'd read from the Bible dictionary about prayer becoming natural and instinctive when we understand the relationship we have with God.  I'd hoped to testify once again of the nature of Wendy's relationship with God, because I wasn't sure that it was clear in her mind due to much previous confusion about the Godhead.  However, Wendy beat me to it.
As she taught, I asked, "Why is it important to pray to God?"
Her answer was simple, but piercing.  "Because I'm His daughter."
I felt the Spirit just wash over all of us, and I finally knew that she knew and understood.  I can feel it in the way she prays so fervently and humbly, and it just fills me with joy that I wish I could share with everyone!
Yes, miracles are happening here in Sibu, and I'm just so grateful that I can witness them!  What miracles have you all seen this week?
Love and Love,
P.S.  oh yeah, to answer your questions about training, it's pretty much like working with other missionaries, but we get a little more study time every day.  We have a suggested training schedule in which we read together out of preach my gospel, review principles of teaching people, and watch clips from "The District."  It's tons of fun, because Elder South is just the best!  I think he's teaching me more than he learns from me!

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