Sunday, November 2, 2014

Holy Transfer News, Batman!!

3 November 2014
Dear Family,
I'M GOING TO IPOH!!  I'm leaving Elder South in Sibu to train a brand new Elder.  He just finished his training yesterday, but he's going to rock the socks off of Sibu with his new trainee, beginning this week!  He really is going to be pretty much the best trainer ever.  I'm so excited for him.  I think he wanted to train, so he's pretty happy, too.
I'll be taking the place of Elder Durrant, working with his trainee, Elder Li.  I met him once for a few minutes, but I don't really know anything about him.  I'll tell you all about him next week!
Finally, Elder Hobbs is no longer the King of Sibu.  He's going (back) to Kuching!  That means that Elder Christensen, who will still be district leader here, will now hold the record time in Sibu, among the Elders that are currently serving in Sibu.  I'm going to miss him!
Wow, so many thoughts and feelings come with transfers that I can't send all the excitement to you.  Now my mind is so full of transfer to-do list items that I can hardly think of what to send you.  Let me think....

Apparently, Ipoh is more mountainous, but maybe not as hilly as JB?  There were no Chinese Elders there when I began, but they all said they wished they could go there.  I'll be Chinese elder #3 to serve there.  Exciting!  I'll be sure to send you pictures (if anything picture-worthy happens.)

Well, we had a wonderful branch Halloween party on Saturday night.  It was probably the most fun branch activity I've been to in Sibu.  Not many members turned out, but everyone who came got into the Halloween spirit.  We helped Elder and Sister Bodell decorate the cultural hall with orange and black decorations that they had made by hand.  We helped the Bodells prepare a lot of delicious and spooky food, including: spidered eggs, witches' fingers, apple-lips like the ones you made, spiderweb brownies, and chili.  It was really fun to see everyone oogle over the food and make sure to take way too many pictures of it all before anyone was allowed to take a bite!


Then, we played "This is a Witch, this is a Ghost," and a little game that I called "Eat the Donut Off the String Hanging from a Broom Handle Held by Your Teammate."  After everyone ate their donuts, the game just naturally turned into the limbo. (Thanks so much for the great music, Dad!)
Well, I've got no more time, but I hope you all know that I love you very much and that I pray for you!  I'll email you again next week, from west Malaysia!

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