Monday, January 5, 2015

First letter of 2015

Well, things here are chaos, once again, because it's P-DAY!! (insert enthusiastic cheers from all the other missionaries.)  I have to be brief.

I'm having a great time here in JB.  I love all the members of the Church here, and I love our investigators, too.  I feel a new life and energy in the branch.  It's a big relief, and it is really exciting for the missionaries.  I have been able to see that the Lord truly is preparing the hearts of people to receive the gospel.

This week absolutely flew by!  I'll just tell you about a few events of this past week.  We ate a fabulous Korean BBQ with a lot of members to celebrate the holidays.  I didn't know how to eat because apparently Korean chopsticks are a different shape than Malaysian Chopsticks.  But, the food got into my mouth, and it was delicious, and we had a great time celebrating as friends.  (This is the part where Elder Mitchell ate a whole clove of garlic, because he thought it was a water chestnut.)
We had a triple-birthday BBQ here at our apartments this week.  The food was good (I think I say that every time.  Well, just know that every day I eat things you've never even seen before but you don't have to worry because I LOVE IT!)  Many people came, and it was a fun and exhausting way to celebrate my birthday along with two others.  I like the way that this branch just feels like a big family.

We haven't found any new investigators this week, and we haven't had as many opportunities to meet our current investigators as we had hoped or planned.  President Mains has invited us to renew our focus on finding new investigators, to "fill our funnel," so we'll definitely be spending some time this week walking the streets, taking the buses, riding with members, searching those who are seeking for the gospel.  It's gonna be good.
Oh, my zone leader responsibilities are basically to set an example for other missionaries, minister to the people in my zone, pump them up to do missionary work, receive weekly reports from them, and report to the assistants to the President each Monday morning.  In addition, I'll be going to Mission Leadership Conference for the first time this week.  At MLC in Singapore, we receive training from President Mains, and learn what we can do to become better missionaries and inspire the others in our zone.  I'm excited for it, because I've heard that MLC is a spiritually intense experience.  I'll let you know about it next week!

Love, and thanks for the pictures, to all of you!

I still don't know where this little trail leads.  It probably goes to an Indian Kampung of sorts, because 3 little Indian kids came walking down the trail just after I took this picutre.  I couldn't talk to them very well, but they got a kick out of us two white guys with funny clothes.
Mom: what's a kampung?
It's Malay for "hometown" but it usually means a little village.

Elder Mitchell: Portrait

Elder Mitchell and Elder Durrant Love Roti Canai!  (I love it, too!)
Mom: Are the flatbreads filled?  or do you dip them in the sauce?
They're not filled, usually.  Sometimes I order them with Kaya, which is like Sweetened Condensed Coconut.  We dip them in chicken curry, fish curry, beef curry, spicy curry, and mint curry.  Yum!

Our after-Christmas spoils. (What's left of them, anyway...)

Johor Bahru City street in the afternoon.  (taken from a bus window, far away from where we stay.  I hardly ever see this many people out on the streets where we live.)

Korean BBQ dinner to celebrate the New Year!

Elder Mitchell doesn't recognize this as a clove of garlic before he chews it.  Hilarity ensued.

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