Sunday, June 7, 2015

Scenes from Singapore

June 1, 2015
Dear Family,

This week, my faith has increased that the Spirit will carry my sincere testimony from my heart to the hearts of those I share it with.  As I have been consistent in searching and feasting on the Book of Mormon each day, and praying with real intent, I have felt an increased urgency to share the gospel.  I can feel my testimony growing stronger each day, and I find myself more able to speak what I really know, from my heart, as I follow the Holy Ghost in opening my mouth to invite others to learn about Jesus Christ.  I am trying harder now than ever before in my mission to consecrate myself to this work and to the Lord, because my love for Him is deepening each day!

I have begun to feel and recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost more clearly lately.  (I wish I'd learned to do this earlier in my mission.  I could have been working so much more effectively from the beginning!)  I feel that each time I recognize and follow the voice of the Spirit is a small miracle.  Another series of miracles has happened to me and Elder Hanks lately - amid all the "zone leader work" we have had to do, including long hours of travel to exchanges in other areas, zone conference, and baptism interviews for our district leaders, we have still had a steady income of potential investigators.  Most of these people have been given to us from Elder Lundahl-Wolford and Elder Pierce as they contact them on the buses.  We've had no shortage of people to meet with and teach lately, which is a big miracle for us.

I've been inviting members to become involved in missionary work by inviting members to be present at each lesson we teach to investigators.  We've also been having a weekly coordination meeting with our branch mission leader, in which we discuss ways that specific members can help teach or fellowship investigators, then make and accept assignments to invite these members to do so.  Our branch mission leader, has also made sign-up sheets for members to meet, feed, and be taught by the missionaries.  I hope to see a few names on those papers soon! :)  I'm actually very impressed by the church members here in JB.  They are always so willing to help, regardless of how far they'll have to travel or who they will help us teach.  I admire their faith and constancy in living the gospel, and I love them a lot!!
Man, ... every time I get online for emailing, my mind just goes blank as to specific experiences to share with you.  I guess I could try to recall all the people I've contacted this week, and share with you exactly how some of them listened sincerely, some of them pretended to listen for a minute or two before walking away while we were still speaking to them, and some of them just flapped their hand at us and refused to say anything or even acknowledge me as I said "hello," but I kind of don't think that would fascinate you.  I'll quickly send you pictures instead.
I really love you all, and I'm happy to hear about how/what you are all doing each week.  Thank you for praying for me!  I hope you can feel my prayers for you, too!



 Just go back and forth between these pictures like a "flip-o-rama."

Mom: Oh! "Pounding the pavement," right?

Took me a minute . . .

Yeah.  It wasn't really that funny or realistic, but it was all I have from this week.  I'm working on sending you pictures of my most recent trip to Singapore.

Panorama shots from the top of Singapore.

More from the top of the Sands hotel.


Elder Hanks at the Singapore Botanic Gardens
("Is that what my hair looks like from the back??")

A giant rainforest fig tree.  When I was little, it was my dream to walk through the rainforests and find the biggest flowers and the tallest trees.  I got a taste of that dream in Singapore!

Well, I'm out of time for today, and I still don't know the transfer news.  I guess you'll just find out next week where I am for my last 6 weeks.
Tons of love to everyone!

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