Sunday, August 11, 2013

Letter - Aug 8, 2013

Aug 8, 2013
Dear (Everyone),
     I wish you all could be having as much fun as I'm having!  I'm sure it's still kind of fun at home, but the MTC is a blast so far!  Actually, I haven't actually done anything
fun -- I've just sat in meetings -- but the atmosphere is just so happy and buzzing with excitement that it feels fun. My district is full of the "best of the best" as the older Mandarin speaking Elders call us.  I actually think there is some truth to that.  Every one of the Mandarin speakers is very dedicated and hardworking.  My companion especially is an example to me -- he arrived yesterday as well, and he struggles more than anyone in language class.  However he is very humble and persistent.  I feel bad for him because he was just called as district leader.  He has the most responsibility out of us all, but know the least, it seems.  I wouldn't trade him for anyone else, though -- he is a fantastic missionary and a great friend already.  (Plus, he helps me find all the right meeting places.  He already knows his way around like he's been here for weeks. I help him with his Chinese, and he leads me to the cafeteria.  We'd both be lost without each other.)
     The work is very demanding but it is already richly rewarding.  I've had to dive right in and trust that I'll receive help.  I'll send you pictures and emails later (Monday is P-day.)  I hope you will also send me pictures with your letters, and be sure to tell me about anything exciting or otherwise, that goes on at home.

I love you all and pray for you always,

(Xiong Zhang lao)

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