Monday, August 26, 2013

P-Day 3: Beams of Energy

Hi Family,

Well, I'm probably behind the times already when I say this, but I'm glad that boat racing was fun, and that the parent night was endured.  Thanks for sending me pictures!  (By the way, do the Fronks really not get pictures?  Should I send some more with Joel if I get the chance?)  I run into friends more often than I expect, but not as much as I hope to.  I'm finding more people I know all the time.  It's exciting to see so many friends united in doing the Lord's work.
MTC Outdoor walkways
More outdoor walkways
MTC Hallway
To Noelle, thanks for the "Elder Evan and Elder Rex" Cartoon, it always makes me and my district laugh!  I took a few pictures, but I don't really know how well they capture the essence of the MTC.  I can't take pictures in the cafeteria or the main meetinghouse, but it's not hard to imagine what that's like.  The rest of the MTC all looks the same: Outside, a lot of covered walkways between 4-story orange-brick buildings.  Inside, it's just long, straight hallways between whitewashed classrooms.  I like outside better because sometimes, if I smile and wave, one of the guards in the towers will put down his gun and wave back at me through the barbed wire.  Just kidding.  There are flowers along the paths and flocks of little birds just hopping all over the place.  I'm glad I'll be out before winter, though.  Hopefully this is at least slightly inspiring of more EE&R cartoons.
Well, I'm not sure exactly what to tell you about at this point, so I’ll just dump some thoughts out onto paper.  The highlight of my week is...  that's hard actually, because it seems each day is better than the one before it.  I love learning Chinese, and I feel like my progress is speeding up.  I love teaching my Mudaoyou (investigators) about God's plan for them.  I feel a real love for them, even though I know they are just role-playing.  Wait!  Actually, I taught a genuine investigator on Saturday.  Her name is Juli.  She is from Mainland China, but now lives in Salt Lake City with her daughter and son-in-law, who brought her to the MTC to be taught at TRC - I don't know, it's code for something that happens on Saturdays, in which missionaries teach volunteer "investigators," mostly BYU students.  My companion and I are the only ones I know who've actually taught a real investigator here.  
Brennan and Steve Durtschi
I love the devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday nights.  I love choir especially, because I get to sing. (I'm really missing playing music.)   Oh, yesterday I met Steve Durtschi at the organ after devotional!  He sends his best wishes to the family.  I also love walking around the temple on Sundays, and sleeping through sessions on Mondays.  I'm really glad they are able to fit all the missionaries into the temple schedule.  I love all my classes, I love the food, I love conjuring beams of pure energy (see my pictures), I love my companion, and I really love you.  Thanks for your mail and your thoughts and prayers - it really makes a big difference!


Beams of Pure Energy!

 At the Big Map

Residence (Carpet Cleaning/Laundry Day)

Brennan with his district

Laundry room door to Narnia!


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  1. This is Elder Derek Fletcher's Mom Shar Fletcher. We have loved reading about our son's mission through your son's blog. I was wondering if we could get a copy of some of the pictures Derek is in. You can email me at sharshawns2(at)gmail(dot)com. Derek really enjoys your son. Thank you.

    Shar Fletcher