Monday, August 4, 2014

Hot, sunny, sweaty, and thirsty. I loved it!

Hello Everybody,
It's been so good to hear all the news you've been sending me.  You are all doing such great, productive, fun, uplifting and important things.  I like you guys!
I'm glad to have news about Great Grandma Sorenson.  The whole family has been in my prayers this week.  I'm also surprised to hear about Sister Brown's funeral this week!  I'm going to miss her, too, and I'm glad that the choir could all come and sing for her.
It's also very fun to hear so much about Ecuador, secret escorts, airports, birthdays, vampires, flaming cakes, bug bites, and church talks.  There are so many great experiences you are all having, and I feel like I share them with you when I get your mail.  Thank you!!
I'll sum up this week in a few words: hot, sunny, sweaty, and thirsty.  I loved it!

I can't tell if this week dragged on the ground or flew at lightning speed.  Is it possible to do both at the same time?  If so, it happened.  We still only have one investigator, Wendy.  She's learning more and more from us all the time, but more importantly, she's definitely feeling the Spirit work in her heart.  The change in her is so evident, as she continues to learn, and it amazes me to see it! 

I love working with Wendy, but we can't just do that all day, so we've been out biking, knocking, calling, searching, and talking, all in order to find less active members.  Our vision for this area includes members who are invested in Church meetings, happy when they participate in activities, and are engaged in missionary work.  So far, we've been to many houses all over Sibu, but we were only able to meet two less active members that I know.  Fortunately, that's all it took to work a miracle!  One of these members told us she'd recently found an old friend through WeChat.  (Is that a big deal in the States, too?)  Yesterday, she came right up to us and asked, "Elders, are you free at 8:00 tonight?  I've already made an appointment to visit my friend, and I'd like you to come meet her, too."  When Elder Durrant had revived me, we continued with our Sunday School lesson, but I could hardly keep my mind on it.  We went that night to visit this member, who's been inactive for over 15 years.  As we talked with her, she accepted a Chinese copy of the Book of Mormon (which will be easier for her to read than her original English one; at the time that she was baptized, the mission didn't have Chinese materials) and arranged to come to church next week.  On the way out, she said a few times, "See you on Sunday!"

It's not very easy to put my heart onto paper/computer, but I hope you know that I'm SUPER excited to see member missionary work finally begin to get off the ground, and to meet new people!

Thanks for all your prayers, on my behalf and for the people I meet here!  Know that I pray for you, too, and I love you all so much!!


P.S.  If you could, will you tell Brother and Sister Niederhauser, three doors down the street, that I miss them and think of them often and hope they're doing well?  I always loved talking to them and working with Bro. Niederhauser, and coming for home-teaching visits.  Thanks!

The view from all of our windows is the same.  I think it's a cool jungle backdrop to our apartment. 

Our apartment entrance, (Me, in case it's too blurry), our bikes waiting to be put inside, and our favorite neighbor.

Birds like these sometimes fly up suddenly out of the ditches as we pass them on our bikes.  Malaysia has some beautiful birds! 

"Air" in Malay is not the same as air.  Look it up.  When you ask for plain water here, people actually confirm your order as "sky juice."

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