Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Speaking to everyone we meet

Dear Family and Everybody,

We faced a lot of rejection this week; I've never met so many people so unwilling to let us talk to them.  However, I do feel that we have been successful in opening our mouths to everyone we meet.  Amid all the rejection, we did manage to find several people who have good potential to become investigators this week or soon.  I hope and pray that I will be inspired as to how to work effectively and see success among the people here at Chinese New Year!  I remember being downhearted last year because of how empty the streets and shops became at this time, but Elder Mitchell and I will be setting goals to help us overcome the Chinese New Year duldrums and keep our spirits up.

We strove to find 2 new investigators this week.  It was my main goal of the week, and I felt dedicated to it every day.  The Assistants to the President, Elder Wadsworth and Elder Lundquist shared with us the vision of baptizing every week by next transfer, and I really want to make it happen.  We contacted many people this week, and I feel that we had several "miracle finds," and we did all we could in the way of follow-up, but came up just short; we found 1 new investigator.  The goal of having 2 new investigators per week and baptizing every week has really inspired me to change the way I work.  I have begun to set personal goals for how many namecards I can pass out, how many phone numbers I receive, and how I will testify of Jesus Christ as we meet people.  I feel a change in myself and in our district and zone, about which I am really excited!

I'm also looking forward very much to MLC this week!  I can't wait to learn more about the Lord's vision for the mission and for me!  I'll try to remember to share parts of it with you next week.

Early in the week, Elder Mitchell and I took a bus over to Masai, about 45 minutes.  The bus was almost empty, except for one Chinese girl sitting in the back.  I always think that situations like that are a little awkward, but I decided to go talk to her and practice being friendly.  Our conversation lasted the whole duration of the bus ride, we talked first about our families, and why they are important in our lives.  Then, I pulled out the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and read part of it right there with her.  She said she was Buddhist, but that her Auntie was Christian and used to talk to her about Jesus.  She seemed very interested in the pamphlet, and at one point she looked over and asked, "Do you truly understand a lot about Jesus Christ?"  Well, I'm no James Talmage, but I did share my testimony of Jesus Christ as our Savior, and I could feel the Holy Ghost bearing witness as well.  It was just a fantastic, faith-building experience, and I really hope that this girl's family will be prepared for the gospel.  I'm glad I could have a part in their preparation!!

Let me think...other highlights of the week included meeting a girl named Donut, and another girl named Piano. Thanks for my name, Mom and Dad:)

Well, I love you all a lot!!!  Have an awesome week!!

She's a pro at riding this bike with no handlebars and funny wheels.  It was fun, but she beat me really bad in our short race.

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