Monday, February 9, 2015

Temple Tour

Dear All Y'all,

As you know, I send a letter to President Mains each Monday before I email my letter to you.  I've included selections from that letter here, because they give a pretty good summary of my week.

This week, I have striven to fulfill my purpose by becoming more effective in finding new investigators.  I have opened my mouth to people we pass more times than any other week of my mission!  Despite the fact that we didn't hit our goal for new investigators, I can still feel my faith growing each day, and we are seeing a flood of potential investigators like never before.  It's exciting!

To show my love for my Savior, I have remembered him in times when I was tempted to become impatient.  I have been striving to avoid "corrupt communication," and have a spirit of patience and understanding.  (There have been no arguments or quarrels in our companionship, don't worry, but as I tried to "look unto [Christ] in every thought," I found myself looking through the eyes of others more frequently.)  I've found that I feel closer to my Savior and more understanding of others.

The importance of using the short time the Lord has given me fully and wisely has been on my mind constantly, of late.  I feel that this is one prompting of the Spirit, and it has helped to motivate and encourage me to be bold and dedicated to the work I've been called to do.

Although a few days this week were spent in Singapore and on exchanges, we still saw miracles in our area.  We saw many small miracles as we opened our mouths to everyone.  We still have no new investigators, but we have been getting a lot of phone numbers and following up diligently with the people we meet.  I have confidence that we will see the new investigators we hope for and so need, very soon.

We met a referral from a member in Singapore, yesterday.  We shared with him a little bit about our purpose, and how Christ is a vital part of our lives.  We testified that because of the Savior's atonement, we can overcome challenges, change our nature, and have a brighter outlook on life.  It was really refreshing, talking to someone who really wanted to know about Jesus Christ, and having a few excellent friends (Church members) there to teach and testify and befriend him with us.

The longer I'm here, the more I love doing missionary work.  I feel like I'm just beginning to see the bigger picture, and I hope the Lord will continue to help me increase in understanding and trust in Him, so that I can be a righteous servant.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support and love!!

My love right back to all of you!!

I'll send you pictures of last P-Day, so you can see our "Temple Tour" of JB. :)

Here are a couple from a Hindu temple we visited.  The guards and priests told us to just go in, watch everything and take as many pictures as we liked.

Another Hindu Temple. 

A photobomber.

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