Monday, March 23, 2015

Crocodiles and conversion

Dear Family, 
Hi everyone, sorry I'm on at a different time today.  We had quite an adventure, driving all over Johor State with the Bensons this morning, visiting waterfalls, palm oil plantations, and Crocodile World, the largest crocodile farm in West Malaysia.  I've also left my card reader at home, so I can't send you any pictures of our P-Day.  If you can imagine driving hundreds of kilometers through millions of palm trees and watching thousands of unmoving crocodiles, then you have a pretty good grasp of what happened.

This week, my faith in the converting power of the gospel increased.  One of our investigators speaks mainly Korean, and English as her second language, so we weren't very sure how much she was understanding of all that we taught.  I was beginning to doubt that she would actually progress toward baptism by her scheduled date because of the language barrier.  However, I prayed that the Spirit would teach her more deeply than we would be able to with our words alone.  After each of her lessons this week, as we asked her questions to review the material we'd taught and to check for her understanding, she said "I believe in Jesus Christ!  When I come [to lessons and church] and read the Book of Mormon, I feel peaceful inside."  I know that because of her real intent she is learning from the Spirit, and that she is becoming converted to Jesus Christ.  It has been amazing to witness, and it has strengthened my faith as I've simply taken a step back and been willing to believe that the Lord will do His work.
Tons of love,

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