Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Miracles and Mission Tour

Dear Family,
This week, I have strengthened my faith as I have striven to share, from my heart, testimony of the blessings that the gospel has brought into my life.  As I reflected on experiences that have built my faith in the past, my faith was strengthened once again, and as I shared these experiences with investigators the Holy Ghost was able to testify through me, which increased not only their faith in the principles I taught, but mine as well.

The biggest miracle I witnessed this week was seeing 8 investigators at church!  Several of our investigators had never come to church before - they found it difficult to make a change so they could come - but I witnessed a real change of heart in several people this week, and saw them choose to come to church for the first time.  I can see faith building in our investigators, as well as the fruit of that faith, repentance and church attendance!

This Wednesday, we flew to KL for Mission Tour.  It was awesome!  (In case I forgot to mention it last week, we don't tour the mission, a visiting general authority does.  Elder Randy Funk, from the Asia Area Presidency, and Sister Funk toured the mission, giving trainings to the missionaries, this time.)  No matter how much I study the Restoration or the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or listen to mission leaders train about it, I always learn something new!  This time, I learned just how important it is to teach the Doctrine of Christ by the Spirit.  The trainings given by President Mains and by Elder Funk worked together with the Spirit in my heart to help me realize (again) that I'm not the real teacher of the gospel, but that the Holy Ghost is.  After the Mission tour, I began to focus less on "talking and teaching," and more on heartfelt testimony.  Too often, I fall into the rut of thinking, "Ok, what can I put in this lesson?"  These past few days, I've tried to think, "Why is this principle truly important to me?  Why is ___ (investigator)___ going to love learning and living this part of the gospel?"  It has helped significantly, to humble me, and to invite the Spirit to be the teacher in our lessons.  In addition, when I focus on why I love the doctrine and what it really means to me, it's like I'm learning it all over again.   (Thanks for the suggestion in one of your recent emails, Mom!!)

I'll share with you another really spiritual experience I had this past week.  One week ago, we were visited by a member from another place in the mission.  She and her husband took me to meet her family members who stay here in JB.  As I met her sister, she explained her religious background: she'd learned about Jesus when she was little, but had strayed a long way from Christianity in her life, until a couple of years ago.  She told us several things that were evidence of her having been prepared by the Lord.  As she talked, her mother came in and sat with us.  After just a moment, she began telling her daughter to stop talking so that I'd have time to share something.  She looked at me and said, "I know that the Lord is inside you."  At that time, the only thing I felt inside me was surprise!  People don't normally say that about me.  I was reminded of Alma 18:34-36:

34 Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true;
35 And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge, and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God.
36 Now when Ammon had said these words, he began at the creation of the world, and also the creation of Adam, and told him all the things concerning the fall of man, and rehearsed and laid before him the records and the holy scriptures of the people. . . .

I'm so glad that she was receptive to the Spirit, and wanted to listen to a message from God.  Not long after the opening prayer, I asked the sister a question, because I felt prompted by the Spirit.  I can't remember what the question was, and I don't remember her entire answer, but as soon as the words were out of my mouth, she burst into tears.  In the few words that she sobbed back to us, she mentioned that she knows God loves her and that He's answered her prayers many times.  I'm so grateful that I listened both to her and to the Spirit closely enough to follow a prompting.  I know that she felt the Holy Ghost testifying to her of the truth that we taught and of God's real love for her.  She has been prepared for the restored gospel, and I know that she will see many more blessings, and an even bigger outpouring of joy and love if she continues to open her heart.

The gospel is so true, and it's the only way to live!  I'm not perfect, and I'm realizing that little fact more and more each day, but it brings me comfort to know that I'm trying my best to do as the Savior wants me to do.  I know that what Elder Scott says is true:

“Study the word of God in the scriptures and the words of the living prophets.  We talk to God through prayer.  He most often communicates back to us through His written word. To know what the voice of the Divine sounds and feels like, read His words, study the scriptures and ponder them.  Make them an integral part of everyday life.
If you want your children to recognize, understand, and act on the promptings of the Spirit, you must study the scriptures with them.
Don’t yield to Satan’s lie that you don’t have time to study the scriptures.  Choose to take time to study them. Feasting on the word of God each day is more important than sleep, school, work, television shows, video games, or social media.  You may need to reorganize your priorities to provide time for the study of the word of God. If so, do it!”

I love you all so much!  Thank you for your prayers and your good examples to me!!
for now, 见!


Really really hot, muggy weather calls for tissues and SOY MILK!  Thank you members!

Back from KL, at the Johor Airport at night.  (another one of these pictures.) 

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